Design and illustration for a platform supporting Android developers and businesses

Potato collaborated with Google to manage and deliver a complete rethink and overhaul for the vital Android Developer resource centre: An initial product team relaunched the website around 2017/18. When I joined the team at Potato in 2018, continuing releases in languages, platforms, developer events and Android versions meant that maintenance and updates were still just as important.

Our goals were:

  • To market Android products, features and events.
  • Share development resources and best practices to a very large audience consisting of people with many different roles and aims (e.g. Android developers of all skill levels, businesses marketing their apps, etc)
  • Improve content discovery and user journeys for these target audiences.
  • All of this while continuing to maintain and evolve the brand we had developed as a place where Android platform, Android Studio, Google Play, documentation and more intersect.

I was responsible for:

  • Designing wireframes of new pages and updates to existing pages
  • Design of the News page
  • Generating illustrated assets and iconography
  • Improving the IA and discoverability of a specific collection of pages
android developers content cards





My role:

Designer (UI/UX), Illustrator

android developers wireframes
android developers UI cards
androids developers ui card illustration
aspace colour palette
aspace website tablet mockup
aspace beanies
aspace branded stationery
aspace van livery
aspace web wireframes
aspace mobile wireframes

Outcomes and impact:

  • The design and launch of the News page to the Android community, alongside many other new pages and updates such as the Kotlin page.
  • Lots of original, on-brand and informational assets were crafted to excite visitors and support new pages, platform updates, resource docs and campaigns for upcoming events. A Kotlin/Android character mashup I designed even made it onto the Android Dev Summit Keynote!
  • The client have actionable guidelines to help improve user discovery of a collection of pages seeing few visitor numbers.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about this project.